The Montpelier Child's Garden Campus

Formerly the Montpelier Waldorf Child's Garden

Cutting vegetables on soup day

This campus is a stunningly beautiful tract of land with hills and meadows and forests located right in Montpelier. Here we offer a mixed-age kindergarten for children ages 3 – 6 and at least one month-long session of Saturday Morning Garden for 2-4 year olds and their parents.

The Montpelier Waldorf Child's Garden began its first class of nursery and kindergarten age children in September of 1991. It is now part of the Orchard Valley School.

A young child is a wellspring of imagination and activity, filled with wonder and receptive to the whole world. Thus we strive to surround the child with beauty, simplicity, and the marvels of the changing seasons. There are handmade toys made of wood and cotton, fairy tales and puppet shows, songs and verses. We cook and bake and sweep, build houses, saw and sand wood. We tend doll-babies and little gardens, and we play in the meadows and woods. Interwoven are watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, coloring, and handcrafts. Always there is ample time for the children to play - for play is the work of childhood, and the foundation for creative and flexible thinking as adults.

Playhouse Nature Table - Pumpkins
This is not the current site of Orchard Valley Waldorf School. I designed the site and maintained it for the school from its founding in 2004 through 2011. I have reproduced it here for historical as well as sentimental reasons, and it includes much out of date material. The school's current site can be found at — Numa Haase