Photo Gallery 2 – Renovation at Grace Farm 2004

Photo Gallery 1: Child's Garden and Grace Farm Photos

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Remodeling at the Orchard Farmhouse

June 26 - Students decorate farmhouse wall before it's torn down June 26 - Close-up of drawings on farmhouse wall before it's torn down June 29 - No more wall makes for a large kindergarten space

Renovating the Orchard Barn

June 8 - Installing perimeter insulation June 8 - Barn renovation June 8 - Laying out the radiant floor tubing
June 8 - Framing June 10 - Pouring Concrete
June 14 - Children supervise layout of tubing June 14 - Break time: tubing has many uses
June 14 - It's also a great labyrinth! June 14 - Handprints
June 16 - Installing the ceiling June 21 - Classroom Framing
August 14 - One of the new classrooms August 14 - View of classroom side of building
This is not the current site of Orchard Valley Waldorf School. I designed the site and maintained it for the school from its founding in 2004 through 2011. I have reproduced it here for historical as well as sentimental reasons, and it includes much out of date material. The school's current site can be found at — Numa Haase